The Qualifying (2 x 30 arrows 18 m) as well as the Final (starting from 1/16) will be shot in sets.
If there is a tie for 32nd place, the ninth and tenth rings will be are decisive to enter the final round. We will be adhering to the WA-indoor-tournament-rules. This competition is record entitled.

Those competitors who do not reach the final round of the best 32 will compete in
the “Second Chance” Final.


Woman Recurve and Compound
Men Recurve and Compound


Training (sports hall Fritz-Lesch-Str. 29)

Just as last year we offer practtice sessions from friday on. (subject to change)

1. session: 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm
2. session: 04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

1. session: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
2. session: 01:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Sunday training is exclusive for the finalists.

The number of slots per session is limited to 96 archers. For a small fee each shooter gets a stamped target face (Spot) which represents a ticket for an session.

After each session you are asked to leave the training hall as it is prepared for the next group.

The stamped target faces are available at the entrance of the training hall. The instructions of the staff during the training must be followed. We hope our planned session gives all the participants the opportunity to train.


as of 07.11.2016
Subject to change! 

Friday, 09.12.2016

04:00 pm Check in
06:00 pm Training group 1
06:30 pm Competition group 1

Saturday, 10.12.2016

07:45 am Training group 2
08:15 am Competition group 2

11:30 am Training group 3
12:00 am Competition group 3

03:15 pm Training group 4
03:45 pm Competition group 4

07:30 pm Training Compound 1/16 final
08:00 pm 1/16 final Compound

08:45 pm Training Recurve 1/16 final
09:15 pm 1/16 final Recurve

Sunday, 11.12.2016

08.00 am Training "Second Chance" RM/RW/CM
08:15 am Finale "Second Chance" RM/RW/CM

09:00 am Training "Second Chance" RM/RW/CM
09:15 am Finale "Second Chance" RM/RW/CM

10:00 am Training "Second Chance" CW
10:15 am Finale "Second Chance" CW

11:00 am Podium "Second Chance"

11:30 am Training final 1/8 Recurve/Compound
12:00 pm 1/8 Finale Recurve/Compound
12:45 pm ¼ Finale Recurve/Compound
01:30 pm ½ Finale Recurve/Compound
02:15 pm Small final Recurve/Compound

02:45 pm Supporting program

03:15 pm Final Compound Women
03:35 pm Final Compound Men
03:55 pm Final Recurve Women
04:15 pm Final Recurve Men

04:55 pm Winner ceremony


Sportforum Berlin-Hohenschönhausen
Große Sporthalle
Weißenseer Weg 51
13053 Berlin

See directions

Free parking is allowed directly in front of the sports hall.